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​Frequently Asked Questions

What is airbrush tanning?
We are now aware of the sun’s harmful effects and damage to our skin. As a result, more and more people are opting for UV free sunless tanning. In under 20 minutes you can have a safe and beautiful tan, achieving the same results as countless days in the sun, without the aging effects. This is the most even and natural-looking method of sunless tanning.

What is the solution made of? How does it work?
Dihydroxyaceton (DHA) is made from raw sugar can and FDA approved for cosmetic use. When DHA is combined with the amino acids in your skin, it reacts by giving your skin a tan appearance. Allergic reactions are rare, but consult with your physician before your appointment should you have any concerns. 

Our top secret solutions are customized based on your skin tone and your desired color intensity. Our solutions contain a light bronzer, or temporary coloring agent, which gives you an instant glow. It takes approximately 8-12 hours after the session for the solution to fully develop so you cannot shower, perspire, or put any liquids on your skin during this period (1-4 hours for an express tan). This formula is very light, virtually odorless and is not tacky and smelly as most booths tans are. After testing dozens of solutions from all over the world we discovered the finest solutions to give you a truly natural looking glow. You can't get this tan anywhere else in Southwest Florida! Now with organic DHA! 

I have a special occasion, what day should I schedule my tan?
If you have never airbrush tanned before, we STRONGLY suggest you do a test run at least two weeks prior to the main event (wedding/photoshoot/vacation/first date etc). Even if you have tanned before, every company’s solution is different and you may want to make adjustments. We don’t want you to feel too light or too dark on your big day!  
BOOK IN ADVANCE! Schedule your test run at least two weeks prior to an event. It is best to schedule an event tan 1-2 days prior to the actual special date. 

Will your solution rub off on my dress? What if I sweat, will it rub off then?
The solution will not rub off on your dress after it has developed (unless you try the dress on immediately after your tan/before you've showered). Sweating will not affect your tan if you have already showered and washed your body with gel soap.

How long does it take?
The HVLP (high volume low pressure) turbine spray gun will take approximately 10 minutes or less. The drying time is less than that of standard airbrushing because the technician dries you during your session. In addition, the machine used is a very fine mist and has limited overspray that is all contained in the tanning tent. The total appointment time for a new client is less than thirty minutes and less than fifteen minutes for a repeat client.

Who applies it?
Our tans are applied by a Sunless Pro. We are thoroughly trained on technique, professionalism and safety. Our female clients will be tanned by a female technician. Male clients will be tanned by a male technician.

Do you ever offer any other promotions or discounts? 
We offer group discounts for tanning parties of three people or more. Please refer to our Services page for a list of prices and a description of everything we have to offer. We run specials through our Facebook page and through periodic VIP emails.

What if I need to wax and get a manicure or pedicure? Or get my hair done?
Waxing needs to be completed the day before. It is best to take care of your manicure and pedicure the day before but it is okay to do so the next day as long as you do a polish change (don’t exfoliate or soak your hands/feet/legs). Hair appointments can be scheduled any time other than when the tan is developing as you cannot get wet.

I’d like to get a massage after my tan, is that okay?
Of course! As long as you wait until you have showered it is a great form of moisturization. Be sure to not get any scrub treatments or use any products with mineral oils.

Is the tan blotchy or uneven? Does it look fake?
No, the reason why so many women prefer airbrush tanning to the spray booth is specifically for this reason. A trained professional applies an airbrush tan whereas with the spray booth you are left alone with a machine. Our all-natural solutions are the highest quality and are not orange. We will mix up a custom shade suited to your exact skin tone. B|Bronzed specializes in natural-looking tans, that's why we were Winner Best of Naples 2012, 2013, & 2014! They'll never know it's faux!™

Does it smell?
Our B|Bronzed™ solutions are unscented and have an extremely light smell. You will be able to detect it ever so slightly on your skin but it won’t be bothersome compared to other sunless products you may have used. 

Can you give me muscle definition or even out my tan lines?
Using a special detailing airbrush we are now able to minimize the appearance of tan lines as well as enhancing muscle definition by contouring areas of the body such as abs, arms, and thighs. Check our services page for more details on add-on services. These add-ons are not suitable for everyone, please call or email to see if these services are right for you.

I don’t want to tan my face or I want extra on my legs, can you do that?
Absolutely! Everything is customizable. Typically, we tan your face last and always ask you if you’d like it sprayed. Most clients request extra on their legs so it’s not a problem at all to focus on a certain area. A full body extra coat is an additional $10+.

I am VERY fair and my skin doesn’t tan easily. Will I turn orange or be too dark?
This is every client’s concern so you are not alone. B|Bronzed™ specializes in color customization with darkness levels 1 – 4. During your first session Angel will ask you a number of questions to find out what your color desires are and get you to the level of “bronze-ness” you wish to be. We will advise you of the color that will look most natural on your skin to give you a healthy glow that is never orange or streaky. If you would like to be darker, you may always purchase another coat for $10, although, most clients find they reach their tanning goals after just one standard application.

How do tanning parties work?
Come to us or we'll come to your home, office, or hotel! The tan must be applied in an air conditioned space at a temperature of around 75 degrees or lower. Your tans will be applied inside of a pop-up tanning tent so there is no mess. This process does not require a lot of space. Lighting is crucial – typically a large bathroom or kitchen have the best lighting. 

What do I wear during my tan?
Our female clients have the option of dressing or undressing to their comfort level, we are professional. Male clients must wear underwear. Keep tan lines in mind when deciding what to wear during your session. A disposable hair cap will be provided. The topical bronzer may rub off on clothing but it will wash out of most fabrics. Bring flip flops, an umbrella, strapless bra and long loose-fitting dark cotton clothing to wear after your session - jeans/shorts/leggings/tight clothes should NOT be worn after.

How long do I have to wait to shower?
Wait at least 8-12 hours before showering, exercising, or using a pool. (don’t get caught in the rain after!). Do not put any liquids or lotions on your skin until after your first shower. *Rapid tans work a little differently and can be rinsed in 1-4 hours, call for instructions.

How long does the tan last?
About 5- 7 days with no aftercare ritual. If you use the tan extender it can last up to 10 days. Depending on what type of skin you have (dry skin, oily skin) this will be a factor in how long the color will last. Your daily activities can also change how long the tan lasts.

How do I take care of my skin after my tan?
Try to avoid abrasive exfoliating, bar soaps, dull razors, and ALL Dove/Curel products. Any products containing mineral oil/alcohol/fragrance or prolonged exposure to water have a tendency to make your tan fade faster. Pat dry after showering - do NOT rub! Apply a (non-aerosol) waterproof sunscreen frequently if swimming and moisturize twice daily with our tan extender. Avoid chlorine for a week after tanning.

How should I prepare for my airbrush tan?
Ideally, you should exfoliate with a loofah, clarisonic, wash cloth, oil-free salt scrub, etc. (not come straight from work or school), and have no lotion, makeup, or deodorant on. 

What methods of payment does Amelia's Airbrush Tanning take?
We currently only accept cash (no personal checks).

What are the standard tipping practices for sunless tanning services?
Gratuity is left to your discretion. If pleased with your service, a standard gratuity for beauty services is 18%.

Amelia's Airbrush Tanning sessions are booked by appointment only and your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you. Therefore, we require 24 hours’ notice to cancel – this allows enough time for us to call other clients and fill your time slot.

Rescheduling or advance notice of a cancellation is permitted, HOWEVER, cancel/reschedule an in-studio service with less than 24 hours notice and you’ll be charged $25 per service booked. For on-site appointments 72 hours' notice is required for changes. 

If you cancel/reschedule same-day or no call/no show you'll be charged the full price of the appointment plus allotted travel time if applicable. 
For this reason, we now require a credit card number to reserve an appointment.

Of course, I understand there may be emergencies or anything that puts you in a major bind – I am compassionate so please inform me of the situation so I can provide a beneficial alternative. If a client repeatedly cancels with less than 24 hours’ notice prior to their appointment they will be required to prepay before booking future appointments.

Client will pay the full amount of the service plus the fee for cancellation. 
It’s a sign of disrespect to my business, my time, and to the clients who follow.

I hold up my end, I’m punctual, I’m reliable, work flexible hours, accommodate my clients any way I can and value their time so all that I require is an understanding of this policy.

​Thank you for understanding!  

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